danny dominguez

Danny Dominguez.jpg
Chile Flag


  • Soft baby blondes
  • Rich browns and brunettes
  • Pivot point haircuts and creative curls


Successful hairstylist and salon owner, Danny has made a name for himself in the hair industry through hard work, a positive attitude, and a willingness to face all obstacles.  
Danny has been a part of the hair scene for a long time.  Starting his career back in his home country, Chile, Danny has had the privilege and opportunity to learn one-on-one with award winning stylist Perdro Farias from Spain.  Since then Danny has acquired an impressive wealth of knowledge that constantly amazes and satisfies his many followers. 
Clients absolutely love his controversial sense of humour and as a salon owner, Danny is always on the lookout for creating a fresh fun environment for clients and producing new sophisticated looks.

Making his clients feel amazing and creating a luxurious experience instead of 'just a hair service' is his priority. Danny has also interacted with a few prominent jet set personalities back in Chile, giving him a critical eye for fashion and a superb sense of style.  
An artist through and through with a strong eye for detail, Danny loves to create with colour and enjoys customising the right colour combination tailored to you.

Danny will always go above and beyond to make you feel special.