Consultations are $50 which is 15 minutes with a stylist. This price will be discounted from the total amount should the service be completed


There are so many different treatments these days… Let’s explain them in depth


Wellaplex is a 3 step repair and strengthening treatment where 2 of the steps are done in the salon and the 3rd is for you to take home.

Product one is the bond maker. This product can be mixed into the colour/lightener or sprayed onto the hair before shampooing. This is the step that places the bonds into the hair.

Product two is a creme product that is placed on top of the N1. This is the bond stabilizer. The bonds that are put into the hair in step one are now stabilizing themselves.

Product three is a take-home treatment. It is a creme product that is to be used 1 a week on towel-dried shampooed hair and left on for 10 mins, then rinsed. This will help to continue the steps done in-salon to strengthen and repair your hair