Our Newest Secret Ingredient


Just as our skin needs protection from the sun rays, mine probably way more than others, so does our hair. Go the pale skin team! We tend to forget about our hair when we are out and about having a great time in the sun (Let’s be honest our summer’s don’t last very long) but it’s super important to take care of our hair over these summer months as it needs a bit more attention than any other time of the year!


Here are some of our favourite products to get our hair summer-ready.

Everyone knows that salt water and chlorine are no good for our hair. Using a good quality shampoo and conditioner will help prevent our hair from becoming dry after those swimming sessions. One of the crowd favourites is Invigo Nutri enrich from Wella! The product helps our hair become nourished and moisturized with every use. It is essential to keep the hair hydrated all summer long.


For that hair that is all dry and frizzy and we don’t want to spend hours taming that mane, A leave-in Treatment is our go-to. Bye-bye frizzy hair. We absolutely swear by this product 😁 Potion 9 from Sebastian is an absolute lifesaver for when the humidity hits! This lightweight is a time saver.


Along with that summer weather comes beachy waves and loose curls. Not only does this product protect our hair from the heat of the hot tools we use to get that beachy hair, but it also could protect from those UV rays!  Thermal Protection from Sebastian is the product we are OBSESSED about!


Now that we are on the topic of getting beachy waves…Ocean Spitz from Wella is here to save the day. Being able to spray this on our hair and scrunching it is a miracle worker. Saves so much time and effort and goes amazing with hot tools beachy waves we put so much effort into creating 😁


Be a good Kiwi and on those Hair products.

All these products can be purchased at our Marcelo and Co Salon.