There are so many techniques to go lighter these days… Let’s explain them in depth

Bleach and tone

This service is best suited for someone who is wanting an all-over lighter result. 

The stylist will apply bleach to the roots lifting the hair to the underlying pigment of the toner. Once the bleach processes, a toner is then formulated and applied to get the final result. 

 Please note, that it’s advised that a full head of bleach and tone should have a consultation first. 


Toners are an essential service when going lighter. Toner is a formulated colour that gets applied to the hair after the shampoo. This helps correct the underlying pigment that becomes exposed when lightening the hair.

Toners not only correct the colour but also give you your desired colour result. 

It is also used to refresh a previous colour, counteract unwanted tones and/or give you a creative colour finish.

Toner is more pigmented than silver or purple shampoo used at home. But, we do recommend this type of shampoo to help with maintenance.

Root smudge/melt

A professional hair colour technique that creates a shadow-like effect on the root. It results in a covered root seamlessly blending into the coloured hair.

The difference between a root smudge and a root melt is that a root smudge is more of a shadow-like effect (less dramatic) whereas a root melt results in the root colour blending into the end of the hair (more dramatic).