There are so many techniques these days… Let’s explain them in depth

Full head foils

When a stylist says the term ‘Full head of foils’ it means a full head of Highlights or Lowlights. When having highlights it will give you an all-over lighter look. Lowlights however will give depth. This is a good option for parting or styling your hair in different ways. 

A hairstylist tends to recommend a Full head of foils for someone who wants to be lighter all over. This can be subtle or a transformation. 

Using foils allows for a precise application. It traps the heat to help with the processing time and with how many levels the hair will lift.

1/2 Head foils

Half head of foils is where the foils are applied over the crown, top of the head and sides of the head (usually). This is a great way to cover visible regrowth between Full Head Foil appointments. Otherwise, it is a great way to add dimension to a solid colour. 

Same as with the Full Head Foils service, using foils allows for a precise application. Trapping the heat to help with the processing time and with how many levels the hair will lift

Foil Accents

This style of foil service is where only a few foils are strategically placed to add just enough dimension to your hair.

This foil placement is very unique to the client’s wants and the hair’s needs. It will affect the way the final result looks whether it is light or dark, or you are looking to add movement or dimension or just looking for something different.

This option is great for anyone who wants to add a bit of lightness or depth to their colour or is good for anyone who is just getting started with the foil service.

Face frame

The pop of colour service is a great way to get your base colour as well as spice things up a bit.

This is a very personal and unique way to show your personality and style. It can be done with a creative colour such as pink or can be done using a more natural shade like blonde.

This service can be used on its own (when there is no lightening of the hair involved) or can be added on to a bleach and tone service of a foiling service.