There are so many colour techniques these days… Let’s explain them in-depth

Global colour

Global colour is an all-over colour from roots to ends. It can give the result of the ‘one colour’ hair trend. The correct colour will flatter your complexion, frame your face better and give a result that enhances your overall look!

A global colour will suit someone who wants a colour change from the hair’s natural state. It is also a good choice for someone wanting to go darker or have a change in reflect. Eg, red-brown, copper

Having a global colour will need a retouch service after 3-8 weeks. This is to maintain the colour keeping it looking nice and refreshed.

Colour Retouch

The retouch colour service is when we just apply colour to the new hair that has started to grow.

When clients have colour done, within 3-8 weeks the natural colour will start to show again on the scalp. This is because the hair is growing.

A retouch service will cover the regrowth and keep the colour looking fantastic! Applying colour on retouch and toner on the ends will keep the colour looking fresh without causing colour build up.